Services - Whistleblower Hotline

Wiklow Corporate Services offers issuers and their audit committees a cost effective, comprehensive, easy to set up a Whistleblowing service. This service is designed to meet the compliance guidelines of National Instrument 52-110 which requires issuers to have a system in place for employees to confidentially and anonymously report any questionable accounting or audit procedures. We understand that not every issuer requires the services of large governance suppliers and we offer a system that meets the requirements from both a governance and budget perspective.

The service is easily accessible by all of the primary methods of communication:
  • Secure website submission
  • Toll Free Telephone
  • Toll Free Fax number
All numbers are accessible from both Canada and the United States (International numbers are also available if required)

Details on the service and pricing are available by calling (604) 696-4236 or by email:
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